On March 4, 2023... No, it doesn't work without context. In May 2022, my whole body crashed. I was a hiker. At least a few times a week I went on a day trip of 30 to 70 kilometers. In the spring of 2022 I was in great shape. I was preparing for the death march of 2022, and it went extremely well. Measured... Read more

Gear list
Hikers love "gear lists", long lists of equipment, from sleeping bag to nail clippers, preferably with an indication of the number of grams for each item. It's almost funny, it's certainly very boring, but of course it's not unimportant. If the inflatable mat or sleeping bag is not sufficient, you will... Read more

So, on March 4, 2023... Actually, March 4 was much earlier in the year than I had originally planned, and the GR5A was not the hike I had in mind. So the 2022 death march had pleasantly surprised me. But at the same time, I also felt a bit lost. My professional life as a programmer had ended since the... Read more

The first bad night
...and the next night things went drastically wrong. The ferry sailed from where I was waiting to Sint-Amands first. At least that's across the Scheldt, even though it's a few kilometers off the route. I also had the option to wait for the same boat to return from Sint-Amands, pick me up, and sail to... Read more

I would have many more bad nights on my journey, and many worse. I would often notice how good it felt to pack everything back up again in the morning, prepare myself, strap my house on my back and head out into the last hours of the night before the sun came up again. The worse the night, the better... Read more

To Hulst
The next morning I felt perfectly rested and ready to hit the road again. Once through Antwerp, out of the Sint-Annatunnel, and after the first few kilometers of the day, I took the opportunity between showers to test my coffee maker for the first time. It turns out to be wonderful to be able to stop... Read more