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AWare Systems Datamatrix decoder

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AWare Systems is finalizing a datamatrix decoder library. You can check out an early beta of our demo application, if you're interested.

The application is just a single executable. There is no installer. Unpack the executable, drop it in any folder on a Windows machine, fire it up, feed it some TIFF files or some TIFF file folders and watch it go.

Please note this is an early beta. Whilst the actual datamatrix decoding part is more mature, there is a lot of additional stuff involved in this demo application that is much younger. Please report any problems you might find. Still, the application should provide a pretty accurate picture of our datamatrix decoding speed and capability, on your target image files.

Datamatrix decoder demo application AsDatamatrix Demo 1.00.Beta for Windows 10 Download (approx 750 KB)
Datamatrix decoder testfile a sample testfile (approx 5 MB)

If you're interested in our product, please let us know. We'll love to work with you and see if maybe we can meet your specific needs right now.