Private Tags/DefaultBlackRender

TIFF Tag DefaultBlackRender

Code51110 (hex 0xC7A6)
Default0 (Auto)


Used in IFD 0 or Camera Profile IFD of DNG files.

This optional tag in a color profile provides a hint to the raw converter regarding how to handle the black point (e.g., flare subtraction) during rendering. The currently defined values are:

0 = Auto
1 = None

If set to Auto, the raw converter should perform black subtraction during rendering. The amount and method of black subtraction may be automatically determined and may be image-dependent.

If set to None, the raw converter should not perform any black subtraction during rendering. This may be desirable when using color lookup tables (e.g., LookTable) or tone curves in camera profiles to perform a fixed, consistent level of black subtraction.

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