Extension Tags/DefaultImageColor

TIFF Tag DefaultImageColor

Code434 (hex 0x01B2)
DefaultFor the Foreground layer image, the default value is black. For other cases, including the Background layer image, the default value is white.


Defined in the Mixed Raster Content part of RFC 2301, is the default color needed in areas where no image is available.

If the StripByteCounts value for a strip is 0, then the color for that strip must be defined by a default image color.

The DefaultImageColor field uses the same encoding as the image data, and its value is therefore interpreted using the PhotometricInterpretation, SamplesPerPixel, BitsPerSample, and Indexed fields. If the fax data stream requires a different encoding, then transferring the default color value between a TIFF file and fax data stream requires a color conversion.

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