Extension Tags/FaxProfile

TIFF Tag FaxProfile

Code402 (hex 0x0192)


Used in the TIFF-FX standard, denotes the 'profile' that applies to this file.

'Profile' is defined by the TIFF-FX standard to be a subset of the full set of permitted fields and field values of TIFF for facsimile.

These values are defined by the TIFF-FX specification:

0 = does not conform to a profile defined for TIFF for facsimile
1 = minimal black & white lossless, Profile S
2 = extended black & white lossless, Profile F
3 = lossless JBIG black & white, Profile J
4 = lossy color and grayscale, Profile C
5 = lossless color and grayscale, Profile L
6 = Mixed Raster Content, Profile M

The tag is described to be primarily used inside a GlobalParameters IFD, although the specification says that 'each field in the GlobalParametersIFD is a TIFF field that is legal in any IFD'.

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