Private Tags/ModelTiepointTag

TIFF Tag ModelTiepointTag

Code33922 (hex 0x8482)
CountN = 6*K, with K = number of tiepoints


Originally part of Intergraph's GeoTIFF tags, but now used in interchangeable GeoTIFF files.

This tag is also known as 'GeoreferenceTag'.

This tag stores raster->model tiepoint pairs in the order

ModelTiepointTag = (...,I,J,K, X,Y,Z...)

where (I,J,K) is the point at location (I,J) in raster space with pixel-value K, and (X,Y,Z) is a vector in model space. In most cases the model space is only two-dimensional, in which case both K and Z should be set to zero; this third dimension is provided in anticipation of future support for 3D digital elevation models and vertical coordinate systems.

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