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Exif TIFF Tag ExifVersion

TIFF Tag ExifVersion

Code36864 (hex 0x9000)


The version of the supported Exif standard.

Nonexistence of this field is taken to mean nonconformance to the Exif standard.

All four bytes should be interpreted as ASCII values. The first two bytes encode the upper part of the standard version, the next two bytes encode the lower part. For example, the byte sequence 48, 50, 50, 48, is the equivalent of the ASCII value "0220", and denotes version 2.20.

When changes are made to the version number of the Exif standard, the following rules apply:

- When the changes are such that data readers can properly recognize conventional information and skip the data that was recorded using newly added functions, only the lower part of the version number is changed.
- When there is a possibility that a data reader implementing the old standard may operate incorrectly due to the new specifications, the upper part of the version number is changed.

Since the type is UNDEFINED, there is no NULL for termination.

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