Extension Tags/StripRowCounts

TIFF Tag StripRowCounts

Code559 (hex 0x022F)
Countnumber of strips


Defined in the Mixed Raster Content part of RFC 2301, used to replace RowsPerStrip for IFDs with variable-sized strips.

This tag specifies the number of scanlines stored in a strip, per strip, since MRC allows each fax strip to store a different number of scanlines.

For strips with more than one layer there is a maximum strip size of 256 scanlines or full page size. The 256 maximum SHOULD be used unless the capability to receive longer strips has been negotiated. This field replaces RowsPerStrip for IFDs with variable-sized strips, and, as such, only one of the two fields, StripRowCounts and RowsPerStrip, may be used in an IFD.

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