TIFF and LibTiff Mailing List Archive, November 2005

2005.11.02 16:58 "[Tiff] Writing bilevel and transparent TIFFs efficiently", by Rupali Holmes
2005.11.03 14:39 "[Tiff] Windows TIFF Viewer that supports TransferFunction Tag", by Steve Davis
2005.11.03 18:52 "[Tiff] Unresolved external '_TIFFDefaultStripSize' referenced from C:\..\file.obj", by Letícia Alves Ferreira
2005.11.04 03:33 "[Tiff] OIF and OBF format?", by David Scriven
2005.11.07 16:12 "[Tiff] error building libtiff 2.7.4 on solaris 9", by Alexander Fieroch
2005.11.08 04:06 "[Tiff] pixel´s_color", by Ismael Gomes
2005.11.10 10:44 "[Tiff] Calculate Offset and can't read ASCII", by Thomas Oldenkott
2005.11.10 15:49 "[Tiff] HELP PLEASE! LIBTIFF and BCC5.0 Enterprise", by Letícia Alves Ferreira
2005.11.15 09:38 "[Tiff] libtiff support for Microsoft Office Document Imaging", by Brad Hards
2005.11.15 18:08 "[Tiff] jpeg in tiff vs. standalone jpeg question", by Sam Neymotin
2005.11.17 12:37 "[Tiff] minimum build of libtiff", by Pierre Davy
2005.11.17 22:43 "[Tiff] [libtiff v3.7.3] TIFFClientOpen - possible bug when 'mode' = 'w' ?", by Nghia Tran
2005.11.18 11:58 "[Tiff] Re: Calculate Offset and can't read ASCII", by Thomas Oldenkott
2005.11.18 21:45 "[Tiff] GCC and libtiff-3.7.4: warnings, and tentative patch", by Leonardo Serni
2005.11.19 23:29 "[Tiff] [patch] Add entries to .cvsignore", by Brad Hards
2005.11.22 11:52 "[Tiff] Reading color layer from CMYK TIFF using libtiff", by
2005.11.22 15:22 "[Tiff] Geotifcp for decompression?", by Alex Brown
2005.11.23 02:32 "[Tiff] libtiff and over 4GB files", by Frank Warmerdam