TIFF and LibTiff Mailing List Archive, January 2006

2006.01.02 09:05 "[Tiff] how can i write a C code for saving as TIFF?", by sahar m
2006.01.03 11:52 "[Tiff] Strip Vs Tile", by Sonia S Kumar
2006.01.03 13:01 "[Tiff] read all uncompressed tiff data", by Rocky Pulley
2006.01.04 14:30 "[Tiff] tiffcp photometric issue", by Larry Sanders
2006.01.04 18:15 "[Tiff] Reading TIFF(CMYK)", by
2006.01.04 18:26 "[Tiff] Endian Issue in Tiff codecs", by
2006.01.09 08:28 "[Tiff] Multipage 16bit TIFF in Delphi", by Andreas Christ
2006.01.09 14:02 "[Tiff] bug: The macro STRIP_SIZE_DEFAULT has a "blank" value", by Norihiko Murase
2006.01.09 14:12 "[Tiff] The -rpath Problem: Please add ${LIBDIR} to ${LINK}", by Norihiko Murase
2006.01.10 07:41 "[Tiff] Incorrect IFD???", by Thomas Oldenkott
2006.01.10 17:40 "[Tiff] Adding a blank heading to a tiff using C/C++", by John Kearns
2006.01.10 17:47 "[Tiff] Old JPEG Error in 3.8.0 - td_refblackwhite", by Burlingame, John
2006.01.11 02:01 "[Tiff] help on reading a 16bits grayscle TIFF image", by NGUYEN QUANG BANG
2006.01.11 07:08 "[Tiff] LIBTIFF can't read tif file while Type of StripOffsets(tag 273) is SHORT.", by Kelvin Zhong
2006.01.12 10:39 "[Tiff] support scaling parameters while read tif file with JPEG compression.", by Kelvin Zhong
2006.01.18 14:26 "[Tiff] Problem installing LibTIFF-3.8.0 on HP-UX 11.11", by Morten Kristiansen
2006.01.19 21:31 "[Tiff] Compilation of libtiff 3.8.0", by Alexis Gatt
2006.01.24 20:53 "[Tiff] Dead directories after TIFFRewriteDirectory()", by Roland Richter
2006.01.25 00:22 "[Tiff] 16 bites PIXMAP to 16 bits TIFF in Delphi", by Hans-David Alkenius
2006.01.25 14:35 "[Tiff] Win64 bit Imaging library", by Sharon Gavrielov
2006.01.26 13:03 "[Tiff] TIFF T6", by Ronaldo Cerqueira Filho
2006.01.27 20:13 "[Tiff] tiffcp and tag 32931.", by Gerald Drouillard
2006.01.27 22:18 "[Tiff] (no subject)", by Joel Wilson
2006.01.30 02:29 "[Tiff] tiffset does not set PageNumber correctly", by Alessandro Zummo
2006.01.31 10:17 "[Tiff] RowsPerStrip", by Harsha