TIFF and LibTiff Mailing List Archive, January 2012

2012.01.07 02:29 "[Tiff] Proposed modification to", by Ryan Wong
2012.01.07 02:39 "[Tiff] resubmit tiff_ojpeg patch (2011/6/8)", by Ryan Wong
2012.01.07 02:58 "[Tiff] Proposed patch for tif_fax3 for not ignoring return values from failed FlushData", by Ryan Wong
2012.01.09 01:53 "[Tiff] resolution issue when converting jpeg to tiff", by Jingfei Hu
2012.01.14 03:56 "[Tiff] ITULAB TIFF test images.", by Charles Auer
2012.01.22 16:53 "[Tiff] update on tiff 4.x in debian", by Jay Berkenbilt
2012.01.26 16:41 "[Tiff] TIFFClientOpen() output stream/encoding behaviour", by Christopher Cameron