TIFF and LibTiff Mailing List Archive, April 2013

2013.04.10 22:40 "[Tiff] Getting a crash after calling TIFFReadRGBAImageOriented()", by Bruce A. Mallett
2013.04.16 09:55 "[Tiff] How 16bits-RGBA image pixels are interlaced ?", by Rémy_Abergel
2013.04.16 13:53 "[Tiff] 16-bit float images", by Edward Lam
2013.04.18 07:50 "[Tiff] TiffOpenW() crashes (raises exception) when Tiff file containing ASCII characters is opened in read mode", by Sunanda Chowdhary
2013.04.26 15:45 "[Tiff] TIFF unknown field / tag error suppression", by Ted Brooks
2013.04.27 21:34 "[Tiff] Problem with TIFFReadEndcodeStrip()", by Steve McKinney
2013.04.30 18:10 "[Tiff] Tiff2PDF.exe", by John Zander