TIFF and LibTiff Mailing List Archive, November 2017

2017.11.03 19:59 "[Tiff] Best way of reading TIFFTAG_RICHTIFFIPTC ?", by Aaron Boxer
2017.11.10 19:23 "Re: [Tiff] Right way to make a multi-resolution pyramid", by dsudar
2017.11.12 14:36 "[Tiff] libtiff CVS ready for next release?", by Bob Friesenhahn
2017.11.20 17:04 "[Tiff] TIFF tag and compression registration", by Kemp Watson
2017.11.21 13:15 "[Tiff] Write a tif with JPG compression", by Emmanuel Cosnard
2017.11.30 15:44 "Re: [Tiff] Switching to gitlab ?", by