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About me

My name is Joris Van Damme. I've build a few imaging codecs in C++, reused some open source ones, and added a framework for various imaging functionality. If you like to hire me, that's probably the reason. My company name is AWare Systems. I do contracting and consulting jobs, mainly programming in imaging related data analysis and conversion projects.

The processing of images and related files in any data pipeline is often difficult for two reasons. The number of image file formats and subformats is quite large. When some process outputs image files and a subsequent process consumes them, there is often no good format option they both support. An additional conversion step is then required. This can be a particularly nasty problem when some process supports only substandard, uncommon or legacy formats.

The second reason is that in processing image files in particular, the information that is supposed to flow is often not limited to the explicit image raster pixel data. Sometimes extra information is in image properties like dimensions, or encoded EXIF data. Extra data can be in proprietary tags or markers, sometimes it's in additional files with related filenames, sometimes it's in the actual filename. Quite often, required extra information can only be derived from a visual interpretation of the image raster data. For example, when dealing with series of page scans, a blank page or page of a particular color may have a particular meaning. Sometimes extra data is in barcodes, or OCR is required.

I build suitable custom software for you to convert your data from one available state into another that fits your needs. I can deliver end-user applications, or an API for any other coding solution to build on. With my prebuild library of various codecs and added image processing, I like to have a firm base to build good data conversion tools quickly and efficiently.

If you're interested, I recommend you contact me by email at

I also maintain some documentation about some imaging codes and file formats and related things.