Private Tags/INGR Flag Registers

TIFF Tag INGR Flag Registers

Code33919 (hex 0x847F)
NameINGR Flag Registers


Intergraph Application specific flags.

Each of the 16 registers is a 32-bit integer. The bottom two bits of the first register were assigned the following meanings:

0: Overview (if any) was created by subsampling.
1: Overview (if any) was created by an XOR process.
2: Overview (if any) was created by averaging.
3: Overview (if any) was created by 5x5 Gaussian Kernel

The second register is now used to represent a value to be used for "uninstantiated" tiles in the TIFF file. This value is replicated to all bands. This value should be ok for 8, 16, or 32 bit data. Uninstantiated tiles violate the TIFF spec, and are only used for internal ZI images. No files that are to be interchanged with other apps should have uninstantiated tiles.

No other meanings have been assigned.

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