TIFF Tag Reference

This is a reference on all known baseline, extended, and private TIFF tags. Every tag page offers a list of basic properties (such as code, name, LibTiff name and data type), as well as a short description.

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Baseline Tags
Baseline tags are those that are listed as part of the core of TIFF, the essentials that all mainstream TIFF developers should support in their products

Extension Tags
Extension tags are those listed as part of TIFF features that may not be supported by all TIFF readers

Private Tags
Private tags are, at least originally, allocated by Adobe for organizations that wish to store information meaningful only to that organization in a TIFF file. The private tags listed here are the ones that found their way into the public domain and more general applications, and the ones that the owning organizations documented for the benefit of the TIFF community

Private IFD Tags
If one needs more than 10 private tags or so, the TIFF specification suggests that, rather then using a large amount of private tags, one should instead allocate a single private tag, define it as datatype IFD, and use it to point to a so called 'private IFD'. In that private IFD, one can next use whatever tags one wants. These private IFD tags do not need to be properly registered with Adobe, they live in a namespace of their own, private to the particular type of IF

This is a collection of additional documentation, mostly on private tags

Private Tag Info Submission

Any company, organization or private person that wishes to submit information on owned private tags, or has sufficiently detailed proprietary information on any other tags and wishes to share it, for the benefit of the TIFF community, is encouraged to do so. We will add a tag page for every tag, and include at least one link to the contributor's site. The tag page will at least include a short description. If the submitting company or person permits, we like to host the complete submitted information, or at the very least point to a stable and lasting location where complete information can be found.

If you want to make such a contribution to this TIFF Tag Reference, please contact info@awaresystems.be. Remember, a food company that aims to make money... does well spoiling cooks. By being open about your tags, you gain visibility as a member of the TIFF community.