TIFF File Format Links

Adobe TIFF resources page (currently offline)
TIFF specification, revision 6.0
TechNote2 on JPEG-in-TIFF
TIFF specification, supplement 1
TIFF specification, supplement 2

TIFF File Format FAQ
TIFF Tag Reference
LibTiff, a free and open source TIFF codec
TIFF and LibTiff mailing list subscription page
TIFF and LibTiff mailing list archive

Tip: Especially note TechNote2, since it invalidates part of the TIFF specification. Failure to do so will result in incompatibility with virtually all other JPEG-in-TIFF software, whether they comply with TechNote2, or try to comply with the original ambiguous specification. If you use a third-party library, check whether this library complies with TechNote2, since many libraries don't.