Private Tags/ModelPixelScaleTag

TIFF Tag ModelPixelScaleTag

Code33550 (hex 0x830E)


Used in interchangeable GeoTIFF files.

This tag is optionally provided for defining exact affine transformations between raster and model space. Baseline GeoTIFF files may use this tag or ModelTransformationTag, but shall never use both within the same TIFF image directory.

This tag may be used to specify the size of raster pixel spacing in the model space units, when the raster space can be embedded in the model space coordinate system without rotation, and consists of the following 3 values:

ModelPixelScaleTag = (ScaleX, ScaleY, ScaleZ)

where ScaleX and ScaleY give the horizontal and vertical spacing of raster pixels. The ScaleZ is primarily used to map the pixel value of a digital elevation model into the correct Z-scale, and so for most other purposes this value should be zero (since most model spaces are 2-D, with Z=0).

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