Private TIFF Tag ProfileEmbedPolicy

TIFF Tag ProfileEmbedPolicy

Code50941 (hex 0xC6FD)


Used in IFD 0 or Camera Profile IFD of DNG files.

This tag contains information about the usage rules for the associated camera profile. The valid values and meanings are:

0 = “allow copying”. The camera profile can be used to process, or be embedded in, any DNG file. It can be copied from DNG files to other DNG files, or copied from DNG files and stored on the user’s system for use in processing or embedding in any DNG file. The camera profile may not be used to process non-DNG files.
1 = “embed if used”. This value applies the same rules as “allow copying”, except it does not allow copying the camera profile from a DNG file for use in processing any image other than the image in which it is embedded, unless the profile is already stored on the user’s system.
2 = “embed never”. This value only applies to profiles stored on a user’s system but not already embedded in DNG files. These stored profiles can be used to process images but cannot be embedded in files. If a camera profile is already embedded in a DNG file, then this value has the same restrictions as “embed if used”.
3 = “no restrictions”. The camera profile creator has not placed any restrictions on the use of the camera profile.

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