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TIFF and LibTiff Mailing List Archive, March 1994

1994.03.02 00:00 "x to tiff", by Doug Moore

1994.03.03 19:20 "Re: Steve Carlsen's comments on TIFF/JPEG draft", by Niles Ritter

1994.03.05 06:49 "RGBA to TIFF Conversion", by Mitesh Mehta

1994.03.07 16:11 "tiff to dib filter? (DOS/Windows query)", by Dick Phillips

1994.03.08 16:46 "float or double TIFFs", by Frederic Devernay

1994.03.08 22:08 "Re: NeXT to standard X11 Image/Pixmap (really bug in TIFFWriteDirectory)", by Sam Leffler

1994.03.14 00:46 "MPW libtiff and LZW", by Dwight Kelly
1994.03.14 16:41 "Re: MPW libtiff and LZW", by Niles Ritter

1994.03.17 02:56 "I believe that I've found a bug in tif_write.c", by Dave Hylands

1994.03.19 20:26 "Question about compiling libtiff on DEC Ultrix 4.2", by Bill Cattey
1994.03.21 18:03 "Re: Question about compiling libtiff on DEC Ultrix 4.2", by Dan Mccoy

1994.03.22 08:12 "TIFF 3.3beta002 memory problems", by Glenn Herteg

1994.03.29 05:54 "How to read flexfax faxes on PC", by Bruce Momjian

1994.03.29 16:15 "LibTiff and Windows 3.1", by Serge Mbikina

1994.03.31 10:31 "A little PackBits bug", by Roland Nahser
1994.03.31 19:30 "Re: A little PackBits bug", by Dan Mccoy