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TIFF and LibTiff Mailing List Archive, April 1994

1994.04.07 14:05 "", by Christoph Wissing
1994.04.07 17:50 "6 Bit TIFF", by Niles Ritter
1994.04.08 09:48 "", by Karsten Spang

1994.04.07 18:10 "FAQ and sample code", by Claus S Kristensen

1994.04.07 18:56 "Bad Gamma Fax Tiff Files", by Ken Land

1994.04.16 23:19 "ASCII85 encoding in tiff2ps (incl. source code)", by Andreas Vogel

1994.04.19 13:43 "converter from .bmp to .tif wanted", by Martin Kraegeloh
1994.04.19 14:42 "Re: converter from .bmp to .tif wanted", by Oliver Trepte

1994.04.19 20:54 "TIFF Tags for remote-sensing", by Randolf Gladish
1994.04.22 09:03 "Re: TIFF Tags for remote-sensing", by Karsten Spang
1994.04.22 13:10 "Re: TIFF Tags for remote-sensing", by Francois Gauthier

1994.04.20 09:07 "FlexFax (bug & solution)", by Jacques Virchaux

1994.04.25 14:28 "windows tiff4 software?", by Rene De Bie

1994.04.26 13:58 "Sun Sparcworks compiler under Solaris 2.3", by George Armhold

1994.04.28 13:19 "CCITT Group 4 Tiled and Untiled", by <>

1994.04.28 18:31 "Problem on compiling on Solaris 2.x", by Roel Flora